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Spiritual Massage~ What is it exactly?

A spiritual massage is similar to traditional massage but during a session I work in communion with your body and your guides.

I am deeply empathic and can facilitate deep healing during these sessions.

I can merge my energy field with your energy field and feel the cause of the discomfort as well as the vibration needed to shift the holding patterns.  

When I work with you I connect deeply with your body. Your cells hold so much information as well as your stories. These memories, imprints, impressions and suppressed emotions create holding patterns in the body and can cause pain, tightness and discomfort. 

Your body tells me exactly where it's ready to let go and then I work multidimensionally to shift, release or transmute the energy in a way that honors your journey and your body.

This process takes focus, purity of intention, and above all love. 

During these sessions I always follow the energy all the while listening to your body, allowing the healing to unfold in a way that in non assuming and fully unconditional. 

Spiritual Massage

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