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Soul Embodiment

Soul Embodiment is the individualized experience of moving through paradigms, programs and emotions through a series of purging untruths and remembering who you truly are and why you have come to the planet.

There are different levels of Soul Embodiment and those who are on that life path have agreed to anchor certains parts of their higher dimensional selves. 

We facilitate Soul Attunements for those who are ready

and are on a soul embodiment life path.

We are gifted with the light codes and activations to assist those who are anchoring new higher ways of being on the planet. We are given the codes from your team of light and activate the codes in your holographic field and your physicality.   

One aspect of  Soul Embodiment is the practice of living Soul To Soul.

Through your presence and light you invite others to remember and live and authentic expression of self. 

It is the birth of a sacred union between the ego and the soul. It is the allowance of our fullest authentic expression of self. As we honor our deepest truths with roots of love and gratitude, we honor and acknowledge the sacredness of all things.

Understanding that we have never been separate from each other or ourselves creates space within our bodies in order to receive more of who and what we truly are.

As we shift our bodies, minds and spirits into the remembrance and knowing of our inherent connection with the Earth and Heavens,

we align ourselves with sustainable wellness, joy and freedom. 

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