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Energy Therapy

Energy Work is the ability to Perceive, Balance and Assist the energy in becoming something new. 

Trevor and Genevieve have studied many forms of energy healing and use a combination of the techniques we have found to work best. We practice from a place of love and pure intention. Getting regular Energy Therapy helps to maintain Homeostasis in the mind, body and spirit. In times of great emotional stress or illness, energy work can bring us to a better place and give us the strength we need to make it through life's more difficult times and challenges. Beginning by gently connecting to the core of your being we help to open a dialog between mind and body. During which time we hold space and client and practitioner are divinely 

guided on a journey to facilitate healing within. We channel very specific energies and information in multidimensional or quantum healing sessions.

We naturally work with your quantum field, guides, angels, your soul and even galactic team.

Our sessions are limitless as they are channeled healings and are different for every person.


How Can we help you? 

Channeled Healing from your Guides, Angelic Beings and Galactic Beings

Anchor your spirit in your body

Get grounded and centered

Connect and Balance the Masculine and Feminine Energies 

Releasing Trauma Through Age Regression

Reprogram the fear and Stress response in the Body

Connect and Deeply know and Love yourself

Remember who you are and your Soul Path

Embrace and learn how to use your gifts

Activate your body's ability to heal 

Activate your Gifts and Self Remembering

Soul Retrieval 

Soul Embodiment


Benefits of Energy Therapy

  • Speeding up the physical healing process as it accelerates the body’s self healing capability.

  • Bringing in harmony and balance on all levels, Releasing stress and anxiety;

  • Easing pain.

  • Clearing emotional issues and brings about a heightened sense of well-being.

  • Improving intuition, creativity, memory and learning.

  • Providing renewed vitality

  • Assisting the body in cleansing itself from toxins

  • Boosting the immune system

  • Balancing sleep patterns

  • Clearing of addictive patterns

  • Increasing awareness of one’s Soul Purpose and connection to the Divine.


Matrix Angelic Work

This is where we work naturally.

We have learned to embrace this aspect of who we are with grace, courage and sovereignty. Working with our teams of light in this field, that most of us are unaware of, has been a leap of faith. It is through meditation, constant detox, a lifestyle that embraces purity and living in the compassionate heart that we have embarked on a long journey of remembering who we are and how to effectively use our gifts.

By working in the Angelic Matrix field we can access realms and dimensions of being and consciousness available but forgotten. In this space endless and fast transformation is possible. The client must be ready and willing to receive healing and change from this space.


Sekhem ~ Seichim

Sekhem Is a living light energy. It's a rainbow of potential in its ability to

work with the body in countless ways.

The benefits of Sekhem ~ Seichem are endless. If you are basically healthy, Sekhem works to help you stay clear and balanced. If you have been diagnosed with a dis-ease, received an injury, or become stressed, Sekhem assists the natural healing process and works well in conjunction with traditional medicine. 

Sekhem can be used to overcome spiritual, emotional or physical problems and is safe to use;

from babies to the elderly, animals.

It can be an effective form of healing therapy for a wide range of disorders which include – stress-related disorders, such as headache and insomnia. Serious disorders, such as coronary heart disease and cancer. Emotional problems, such as depression; skin problems, low immunity, chronic pain. 



REIKI – EARTH Element, this can be experienced as hot or cold. Characteristics of the earth energy are those of grounding and foundation. Reiki harmonises and rebalances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Reiki can help ground all other healing energy.

But it also changes the higher frequency energies. While this makes the energies more accessible to clients who may not be ready, we have decided to no longer use Reiki in our sessions because it dilutes the purity and infinite healing potential of the cosmic energies coming into the planet to assist our healing and rapid growth.

Our Treatment table is outfitted with a quantum pad and  an Amethyst BioMat 

to the deepen relaxation and healing during sessions



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