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Amethyst Crystal Light Bed

Expedite Your Healing Journey

Amplify Your Receptivity

Activate Your Gifts

Take Your Awakening To The Next Level

The BioTechnology Above You:

Vogel Crystal Light System


Crystal Light Therapy provides natural, safe, and holistic relaxation, rejuvenation, anti-aging, longevity, energy enhancement, and a powerful tool that is perfect for consciousness enhancement as well as mental and physical therapy needs.

The Design: Tree of Life


The design had to be in the shape of the Tree of Life. This ancient sacred geometrical symbol has been utilized by several cultures in their sacred texts for eons of time. Although the meaning has varied throughout, the purity of this symbol remains in the hearts of few. We can even address what it represents from many different dimensional perspectives. For us, it represents the ascent into the higher frequency planes as one moves through the initiatory stages of awakening. The light system creates coherence within the multi-dimensional bodies to assist the transcendent shifts within the consciousness of the individual. 


Full-Spectrum Color Therapy

The next piece came with understanding the wavelengths that LED lights can create while using multiple colors. So we had to incorporate the full-spectrum of light. Each lamp holds a multi-colored LED light which provides the full immersion of the body in any saturation of color. The colored light is moving through the crystals to provide a multidimensional healing experience that is truly transformational. 


The Crystals


The crystals had to be sourced from very specific people as they required specific energetic properties. They also had to be cut in a way that matched the exact angle that was used in the Egyptian pyramids. This technology was invented by a man named Marc Vogel. He understood the power of the Giza pyramids; how they were built and why they were (are) so effective for anchoring healing and transformational energies. This angle is the result of applying the golden ratio to the base of the pyramidal tip. In addition to the perfection of this healing technology, the crystal itself embodies the geometric pattern of the Tree of Life.




Marc Vogel worked for IBM for 27 years where he acquired more than 100 patents in various fields, such as liquid crystals, magnetic storage systems, degassing of liquids, organic and inorganic photoconductivity, etc. Needless to say that this man was a pioneer in the development of our modern technology which is all built upon Earth's ElectroMagnetic Technology. 

We have spent several hours amplifying in our moonlit herb garden, charging in the rays of sunlight, befriending and encoding each and every crystal. (Total: 39)

These powerful crystals receive, direct and amplify the energies that are moving through the channels of light creating a multi-dimensional healing matrix. And this is when the deep healing shifts can occur. 



The crystals are mounted in a very special blend of orgonite technology as well as other ancient Earth materials that provide the highest quality in performance possible. 

The Biotechnology Below You:

Amethyst BioMat +

Quantum Healing Pad

The combination of the 30,000 amethyst crystals, far infrared light and tourmaline crystals create a quantum field of ultra-violet light and negative ions. The violet energy from Amethyst is often used by Healers in treating various illnesses and imbalances. The Amethyst BioMat is a perfect addition to bodywork and energy work, because it supports deep, delta-state relaxation, increases blood flow for improved mental conditioning, and provides a warm, soothing environment to facilitate improved  peace, serenity and healing.

The Amethyst Vogel Crystal Light Bed System works synergistically with the guides and their specific energetic offerings to create a multi-dimensional healing matrix for you to release obsolete mental patterns and thus allowing for the expansion of your purest essence.

The entire transformational shift is then anchored deeply into the physicality and fully assimilated with your truth, peace, joy and love. 

Take Your Healing/Awakening To The Next Level

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